Richard G. Petty, MD

The True Nature of Things

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“The Sioux idea of living creatures is that trees, buffalo and man are temporary energy swirls, turbulent patterns. You find that perception registered so many ways in archaic and primitive lore. I say that it is probably the most basic insight into the nature of things, and that our more common, recent Occidental view of the universe as consisting of fixed things is out of the main stream, a deviation from basic human perception.”  

–Gary Snyder (American Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet, 1930-)   

Respect the Life Force

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“Practice being gentle, respectful and loving towards the life force in all things.”     

–Wayne Dyer (American Author and Inspirational Speaker, 1940-)

Delight in Life

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“If a man doesn’t delight in himself and the force in him and feel that he and it are wonders, how is all life to become important to him?”

–Sherwood Anderson (American Writer and Poet, 1876-1941)   

“Letters of Sherwood Anderson” (Sherwood Anderson)

A Vast Cosmic Orchestra

“Kinship with All Life” (J. Allen Boone)

“All living things are individual instruments through which the Mind of the Universe thinks, speaks and acts. We are all interrelated in a common accord, a common purpose and a common good. We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra, in which each living instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole.”

–J. Allen Boone (American Author, Film Producer and Correspondent for the Washington Post who specialized in Nonverbal Communication with Animals, 1882-1965)

Spontaneous Cooperation

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“The living world consists of a spontaneous cooperation that exists between the smallest and the highest, the greatest and the lowly, between the atoms and the molecules and the conscious, reasoning mind.”         

–Jane Roberts (American Author, Poet, Psychic and Spirit Medium, 1929-1984)

“The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know (Jane Roberts)” (Jane Roberts)

An Energetic Internet


“Science and religion tell us that we are energetically interdependent; that matter and energy are the same throughout the universe. Our spiritual interconnectedness and intuitive signals form, in effect, an energetic Internet.”         

–Caroline Myss (American Medical Intuitive, Mystic and Author, 1952-)   

“Invisible Acts of Power: Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life” (Caroline Myss)

Life Is Progress

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“Life is progress, and ceasing to progress is death.”

–Hazrat Inayat Khan (Indian Founder of Universal Sufism and the Sufi Order International, 1882-1927)   

Alive, Conscious Awareness

Mary-Margaret Moore .jpg

“God is an energy field of alive, conscious awareness, pulsating and singing with life force through your Wholeness – and your body is part of that Wholeness.”

–Mary-Margaret Moore (American Writer, Counselor and Channel of “Bartholomew”)

“Reflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream” (Bartholomew, Mary-Margaret Moore)

The Breath of God


“All have the breath of God in them. The air you breathe – is it not full of God, is it not your life force? All of creation shares in it, contributes something to it.”

–The Findhorn Community               

“The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation” (The Findhorn Community)   

The Science of the Future

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“On the day when science begins to investigate non-physical phenomena, it will make greater progress in a decade than in all the centuries it has existed.”

–Nikola Tesla (Serbian-born American Inventor, 1856-1943)   

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