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An Integrated Symbiotic Whole

“The Future Is Now: The Significance Of Precognition” (Arthur W. Osborn)

“Whenever we look at nature and at all phenomena we find it impossible to put our fingers on boundary lines which are definite limits of independent existence. A thing which seems to be separate from one point of view is found from another to be related, and therefore dependent on other existences. Nature is an integrated symbiotic Whole.”

–Arthur W. Osborne (English-born Australian Theosophist and Writer, 1891-1976)

Seek Wholeness Inside Yourself

Jean Vanier.jpg

“I am called to seek wholeness inside of myself. Healing begins here, in myself. Wholeness and unity begin inside of myself. If I am growing toward wholeness, then I’ll be an agent of wholeness. If our community is an agent of wholeness, then it will be a source of life for the world around it.”

–Jean Vanier (Canadian Catholic Philosopher, Humanitarian and the Founder of L’Arche, 1928-)

“Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life” (Frederic Brussat, Mary Ann Brussat)

The Deep Connection


“This deep connection between the individual human organism and the cosmos suggested by various esoteric traditions has been expressed in the famous statements ‘As above, so below’ or ‘As without, so within’. The observations from modern consciousness research have shed new light on this ancient mystical concept….

Transpersonal psychology has discovered that in holotropic [‘tending toward wholeness’] states it is possible to identify experientially with just about any aspect of physical reality, past and present, as well as various aspects of other dimensions of existence. It has confirmed that the entire cosmos is in a mysterious way encoded in the psyche of each of us and becomes accessible in deep systematic self-exploration.”

–Stanislav Grof (Czech-born American Physician, Psychiatrist, Writer and a Founder of Transpersonal Psychology, 1931-)        

“The Cosmic Game: Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness (S U N Y Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology)” (Stanislav Grof)

A Unifying World View

Shirley J. Nicholson.jpg

“We desperately need a unifying world view to help heal the world’s endless fractures. What problems could not be solved by first considering the good of the whole, of the lives of all those on our planet, rather than special interests!”   

–Shirley J. Nicholson (American Teacher, Theosophist, Author, Former Chief Editor of Quest Books and Resident Head of the Krotona Community)    

“Ancient Wisdom Modern Insight” (Shirley Nicholson)

Feeling Wholeness


“See yourselves fitting into your rightful place, giving what you have to give to the whole, and so feel part and parcel of that wonderful wholeness, no longer separate or divided, One in thought, word, and deed.”           

–Eileen Caddy (English Spiritual Writer and Co-Founder of the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland, 1918-2006)

“The Spirit of Findhorn” (Eileen Caddy)  

Systems Within Systems


“Indeed, an outstanding property of all life is the tendency to form multileveled structures of systems within systems. Each of these forms a whole with respect to its parts while at the same time being a part of a larger whole.”     

–Fritjof Capra (Austrian-born American Physicist, Futurist and Writer, 1939-)

“The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems” (Fritjof Capra)  

The Manifold and The One

Agnes Arber.jpg

“The conviction that there is a Unitary Whole revealing itself to us as a Manifold….is something deep-seated in the human mind, which has come to the surface recurrently among people of the most various races and schools of thought.”          

–Agnes Arber (English Botanist, 1879-1960)

“Manifold and the One” (Agnes Arber)   

Living More Fully

Shirley Nicholson.jpg

“Instead of stressing distinctions and the isolation of things, we can look at them as parts connected to form an organic whole. When we expand our consciousness and focus on this rather than on our seeming isolation, we can begin to live more fully.”      

–Shirley J. Nicholson (American Teacher, Theosophist, Author, Former Chief Editor of Quest Books and Resident Head of the Krotona Community)    

“Ancient Wisdom Modern Insight” (Shirley Nicholson)

Evolving Toward Wholeness

Joan Borysenko.jpg

“The nature of life is a process of evolution in which we become progressively more whole, psychologically and spiritually.”       

–Joan Borysenko (American Psychologist, Writer, Mystic and Speaker, 1945-)      

“7 Paths to God: The Ways of the Mystic” (Joan Z. Borysenko)    

Every Part Contains the Whole


“Every part of the part contains knowledge of the whole of the Whole.”      

–William Samuel (American Writer, Spiritual Seeker, Mystic and Teacher, 1924-1996)       

“The Child Within Us Lives” (William Samuel)   

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