Richard G. Petty, MD

The Pure In Heart


“The pure in heart see the Lord as the clear mirror reflects the sun.”

–Sri Ramakrishna (a.k.a. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Indian Hindu Mystic and Promoter of Universal Religion, 1836-1886)

“Cosmic Consciousness” (M.D. Richard Maurice Bucke)

Unified Through Enlightenment

Robert Alexander_Falconer.jpg

“Men of vision caught glimpses of truth and beauty shining aloft like stars: and in these glimpses was a new hope for the unification of mankind through enlightenment.”         

–Sir Robert Falconer (Canadian Academic, Bible Scholar and, from 1907-1932, President of the University of Toronto, 1867-1943)   

What Lies Behind Manifested Form?

Sir George Trevelyan 1984.jpg

“Behind all outwardly manifested form is a timeless realm of absolute consciousness.  

It is the great Oneness underlying all the diversity, all the myriad forms of nature. It may be called God, or may be deemed beyond all naming….

The world of nature, in short, is but a reflection of the eternal world of Creative imagining. The inner core of man, that which in each of us might be called spirit, is a droplet of the divine source. As such, it is imperishable and eternal, for life cannot be extinguished.  

The outer sheath in which it manifests can, of course, wear out and be discarded; but to speak of ‘death’ in relation to the true being and spirit of man is irrelevant.”

–Sir George Trevelyan (English Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Founder of the Wrekin Trust, 1906-1996)    

“A Vision of the Aquarian Age” (George Trevelyan)   

All Living Things Are Individual Instruments

“Kinship with All Life” (J. Allen Boone)

“All living things are individual instruments through which the Mind of the Universe thinks, speaks and acts. We are all interrelated in a common accord, a common purpose and a common good. We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra, in which each living instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole.”

–J. Allen Boone (American Author, Film Producer and Correspondent for the Washington Post who specialized in Nonverbal Communication with Animals, 1882-1965)

Our Totally Inter-Related Universe


“Everything in the universe is made up of the very same stuff, and it’s all absolutely interchangeable at every moment. The electrons of you are indistinguishable from the electrons of me are indistinguishable from the electrons in a star…and it’s all totally interrelated.”         

–Ram Dass (a.k.a. Richard Alpert, American Spiritual Teacher, Author and Lecturer, 1931-)

“Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita” (Ram Dass)  

Tasting Oneness

Ken_Wilber 3.jpg

Some of Ken’s most beautiful writing proves that he has really tasted Oneness:

“Raindrops are beating, a large puddle is forming, there on the balcony. It all floats in Emptiness, in purest Transparency, with no one here to watch it. If there is an I, it is all that is arising, right now and right now and right now. My lungs are the sky; those mountains are my teeth; the clouds are my skin; the thunder is my heart beating time to the timeless; the rain itself, the tears of our collective estate, here where nothing is really happening.”       

–Ken Wilber (American Philosopher, 1949-)

A Unifying World View

Shirley J. Nicholson.jpg

“We desperately need a unifying world view to help heal the world’s endless fractures. What problems could not be solved by first considering the good of the whole, of the lives of all those on our planet, rather than special interests!”   

–Shirley J. Nicholson (American Teacher, Theosophist, Author, Former Chief Editor of Quest Books and Resident Head of the Krotona Community)    

“Ancient Wisdom Modern Insight” (Shirley Nicholson)

Feeling Wholeness


“See yourselves fitting into your rightful place, giving what you have to give to the whole, and so feel part and parcel of that wonderful wholeness, no longer separate or divided, One in thought, word, and deed.”           

–Eileen Caddy (English Spiritual Writer and Co-Founder of the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland, 1918-2006)

“The Spirit of Findhorn” (Eileen Caddy)  

An Intelligent Whole

WIlliam Quan Judge.jpg

“Theosophy views the Universe as an intelligent whole, hence every motion in the Universe is an action of that whole leading to results, which themselves become causes for further results.”   

–William Q. Judge (Irish-born American Lawyer, Mystic, Esotericist, Writer and one of the Founders of the Theosophical Society, 1851-1896)   

“The ocean of theosophy” (William Quan Judge)

Perceptiveness, Wisdom and Oneness

Ken Keyes.jpg

“Survival and happiness now depend on tuning in to the overall situation involving ourselves, the people around us, and the total environment of the here and now. Perceptiveness, wisdom, and oneness are now the ingredients of effective and happy living.”  

–Ken Keyes (American “New Age” Author and Lecturer, 1921-1995)       

“Handbook to Higher Consciousness: The Workbook (Keyes, Jr, Ken)” (Jr. Ken Keyes, Penny Keyes)

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