Richard G. Petty, MD

Speaker Services

Professor Richard Petty is an extremely experienced, informative, entertaining and inspirational speaker, teacher and trainer who knows from personal experience that the heart of growth and change is empowering people to take control of their lives.

He has given more than 5,000 lectures, speeches or workshops, and in the last ten years his programs have been attended by more than a quarter million people in 48 states and more than 45 countries around the globe.

His presentations frequently finish with a standing ovation!

But what is far more important is the impact of these programs on peoples’ lives from health to business and financial security.

Dr Petty continues to speak, teach and inspire at selected meetings and conferences.

He is selective because he insists on personalizing every single program to the precise needs of the participants. Depending on your needs, he tailors his speeches, trainings and seminars to any duration from 20 minutes to an entire week of training. He has been told on countless occasions that he certainly never runs out of new things to teach!

Dr. Petty’s team creates personal web page for the organizers of meetings, with downloadable handouts and additional resources.

He also gives the participants a priceless gift: a month of open access to Tavira’s World, which he pays for himself.

While many professional speakers have “The Speech” that they spend years perfecting and refining, Dr Petty speaks and teaches on a number of topics in which he has outstanding knowledge, experience and expertise.

He is very much an example of an internationally acclaimed expert who also happens to enjoy speaking and sharing his unparalleled insights and his passion is obvious in everything that he does.


Here are some of the most popular topics on which he has spoken, taught, or on which he has presented workshops and trainings:


Turbocharge Your Energy

  • We learn that inadequate energy is the most common cause of an inability to fulfill our potential, both personally and in business
  • We then learn why “Energy management” is even more important than time management
  • Though there are many ways to increase our energy for a few minutes, or for an hour or two, most come with a huge price
  • The most effective way to increase our energy is to work on the physical, psychological, social, subtle and spiritual aspects of our lives
  • We learn a series of simple but profound techniques for boosting our energy whenever we need to

Innate Freedom: Developing Your Personal Resilience and Expressing Your Full Potential

  • We learn that Freedom is our birthright, yet years of traumatic experiences and exposure to physical, psychological, social and energetic toxins make it difficult to get in touch with our innate freedom, and to express our natural abilities to heal ourselves, our families and our environment
  • We know that even with the most skilled help, many of us find it difficult to make changes to our thinking or behavior, or the ways in which we handle emotions or other challenges
  • Happily a stunning new approach can give us the power to radically change our lives
  • We learn to help ourselves with an astonishingly rapid method for activating specific points rooted in the meridian and nervous systems of our bodies
  • We use a novel combination of techniques to root out resistance to change and to reclaim our inherent ability to heal ourselves

Healing Meaning and Purpose: Hidden Harbingers of Health

  • We learn about the revolutionary and proven system of attaining and maintaining a level of health, wellness, personal satisfaction and productivity that most people only dream about
  • We discover that you already have within you whole systems designed to keep you fit, healthy and active well into old age
  • Understanding how to recruit these systems at will is one of the greatest gifts that any of us can receive
  • We learn the links between sleep, mood and inflammation
  • We discover how to find our “center of gravity”
  • We learn how to apply this scientifically-based model to any wellness program or illness that we may already be using

The New Neuroscience of Success

  • We learn that our knowledge of the brain has increased more in the last three years than in all of recorded history
  • We discover how a small number of mistaken ideas have held us back from using our brains as we could and as we should
  • Our brains can grow and adapt throughout life, and a small number of simple lifestyle adjustments can help most of us to reduce our risk of losing our cognitive abilities as we grow older
  • We learn stunning brain-based strategies for controlling our minds and our attention that will enable us to live a happier and more effective life, starting today

Entrances to Life: Self-Mastery With Your Secret Matrix

  • Most of us have had the experience of trying to make changes in our lives, but often the changes are short-lived and we may drift back to our old habits
  • Happily there is a new set of deceptively simple techniques using light touch, a couple of breaths and a simple visualization, that can produce remarkable effects in our lives, often in seconds or a minute or two
  • We learn about the discovery of the Secret Matrix, which involves both your acupuncture and nervous systems
  • We learn how to use these simple techniques to balance the two sides of your body, and to gain rapid control of your emotions and your ability to focus your attention

Fad-Free Nutrition: The Atlanta Approach to Creating and Maintaining Your Ideal Body

  • We may think that we already know the keys to healthy nutrition that not only maintains a healthy weight, but also maintains our energy and feelings of wellness
  • However, there are some startling new insights into the causes of metabolic problems and weight gain
  • We now understand why it is so important that any nutritional or exercise program has to take account of our age, gender and even whether we tend to be more like a “Lark” or an “Owl”
  • The key to successful metabolic management is working out which ones are important in our lives, and we already have effective tools for pointing us in the right direction
  • We learn about a whole-person approach to creating the body that you need, involving the physical, psychological, social, subtle and spiritual aspects of our lives
  • You will leave this program with a precise action plan that you can share with your healthcare provider, and which can quickly produce the results that you need

Stop Wasting Your Mind: Developing Spectacular Intuitive and Thinking Skills

  • We learn that many people fail to achieve their potential because of poor thinking skills and poor emotional control
  • Happily, anybody can be taught to think more effectively, and to deal with the simple fears, anxieties and mood swings that can hamper our effectiveness
  • We learn how to evaluate our own thinking and emotional styles
  • We learn a range of winning new techniques from someone who has been a member of Mensa – the high IQ society – since he was just 17 years old, and who overcame serious challenges to become a successful, internationally renowned expert on medicine, the brain, mental illness and personal development
  • Finally we discover techniques that can help us to balance our intellect and our intuition

Sacred Cycles: Regaining Health and Harmony by Mastering the Natural Rhythms of Life

  • Everything in the universe, from atoms to people, relationships and societies all run in cycles. We can get sick and our relationships and businesses can collapse if we fail to work with these cycles
  • We learn about the Cinderella of health and wellness: the understanding that disruptions in our biological rhythms can generate problems with sleep, mood, concentration and inflammation
  • We discover why mastering cycles is the key to mastering our lives
  • We learn how to uncover our own innate rhythms, so that we can take the first steps toward controlling our sleep and finding the best times of the day to eat, to exercise and to do specific types of work
  • We also learn specific methods for dealing with the negative aspects of shift work and jet lag

The Wisdom from the Woods

  • This is Dr. Petty’s most personal presentation in which he shares his experience of being transformed from a clinic-bound doctor and professor by going for a walk in the woods and learning to listen to what Nature can teach any of us
  • We learn lessons that are old as time, but which many of us have forgotten. When we begin to remember the ageless wisdom within our hearts, we can radically change our lives for the better
  • We learn how to use grass, earth and trees to find rest, restoration and energy
  • We soon discover that we all have the ability to find our teachers outside the window

Medical Miracles To Transform Your Life Today

  • Every four years sees a doubling of everything that we have ever known about the human body, and many of these discoveries are incredibly important to our well-being
  • Yet medical advice in the media is sometimes years out of date, or even just plain wrong
  • We start by looking at ten medical myths that could cost you your life, from the amount of water that you should drink to the supplements that are supposed to be good for you
  • We then look at a whole new framework for understanding how we can take better care of ourselves and our friends and families
  • Finally we provide you with some very precise ways to check on the validity of health information and how you can become an empowered advocate for your health, and the health and welfare of the people that you care about

Dynamic Relationships: The Missing Key to Wellness and Success

  • We learn that we are all engaged in many different relationships, not only with other people, but also with everything in our lives from our cells to our soul
  • There are 12 major relationships that permeate our lives, and if any of these is out of alignment, we can find it hard to attract the life that we deserve
  • Unfortunately, most relationships are based on domination rather than partnership
  • We also discover the role of a “Sense of Coherence” in maintaining healthy, sane and satisfying relationships
  • We learn how we can quickly readjust these 12 relationships to become healthy, coherent partnerships

Banishing Burnout and Raising Resilience

  • Our ability to resist – and recover from – the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune is a fundamental key to our psychological and physical health. There are a large number of individualized strategies that can help us to build and maintain a powerful and dynamic resilience, but most use a piecemeal approach.
  • We begin by learning that even a world expert in stress management could fall victim to burnout!
  • We then look at the way in which this experience lead to some very intensive work that lead to the creation of a profoundly different system for managing stress, building resilience and banishing burnout
  • We learn a revolutionary approach to identifying and handling stress and burnout
  • We also learn how we can turn negative factors in our lives into powerful growth experiences
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