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Opening to Love

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“To recognize an inner source of love is to access a source of self-healing without which therapeutic techniques and medicines are of limited value. Healing hearts and minds depends on opening to love.”

Frances Vaughan (American Transpersonal Psychologist and Writer)   

To Love Is To Know and To Act

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“When mystics use the word love, they use it very carefully, in the deeply spiritual sense, where to love is to know; to love is to act. If you really love, from the depths of your Consciousness, that love gives you a native wisdom. You perceive the needs of others intuitively and clearly, with detachment from any personal desires; 
and you know how to act creatively to meet those needs, dexterously surmounting any obstacle that comes in the way. Such is the immense, driving power of love.”          

–Eknath Easwaran (Indian-American Spiritual Teacher, Professor and Author, 1910-1999)  

The Unity of Experience


“In some reports, particularly of the mystic experience or the religious experience or philosophical experience, the whole of the world is seen as unity, as a single rich live entity. In other of the peak experiences, most particularly the love experience and the aesthetic experience, one small part of the world is perceived as if it were for the moment all of the world.”        

–Abraham H. Maslow (American Psychologist, 1908-1970)

“Toward a Psychology of Being, 3rd Edition” (Abraham H. Maslow)

Have You Yet Heard the Voice of Gaia?

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“Increasing numbers of us have heard the Gaian voice and seen in our experience ways of being together that celebrate and affirm life. More and more we are in conversations where we speak of the great forces of life – love, purpose, soul, spirit, freedom, courage, integrity, meaning. The new story is being born in these conversations. We are learning to give voice to a different and fuller sense of who we are.”    

–Margaret J. Wheatley (American Writer and Expert in Organization Behavior and Systems Thinking, 1944-)   

“The Fabric of the Future: Women Visionaries Illuminate the Path to Tomorow” (Patrice Wynne, Ken Wilber)

Love Is the Way Spirit Expresses Its Truth

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“For human beings, love is the most important fruit of experience in the sensory world. Once we really understand the nature of love, or compassion, we will find that love is the way spirit expresses its truth in the world of the senses….”        

–Rudolf Steiner (Croatian-born Austrian Mystic, Occultist, Social Philosopher, Architect and Founder of Anthroposophy, 1861-1925)     

“Love and Its Meaning in the World” (Steiner Rudolf)

Love and Creativity

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“Love mediated by the senses is the wellspring of creative power, of what is coming into being. Without sense-born love, nothing material would exist in the world; without spiritual love, nothing spiritual can arise in evolution. When we practice love, cultivate love, creative forces pour into the world….”

–Rudolf Steiner (Croatian-born Austrian Mystic, Occultist, Social Philosopher, Architect and Founder of Anthroposophy, 1861-1925)   

“Love and Its Meaning in the World” (Steiner Rudolf)

The Most Profuond SPiritual Truth of All

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“This is the most profound spiritual truth I know: that even when we’re most sure that love can’t conquer all, it seems to anyway.”

–Anne Lamott (American Writer, 1954-)   

The Force of Creativity

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“In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?”          

–Igor Stravinsky (Russian-born American Composer, 1882-1971)

“An Autobiography” (Igor Stravinsky)

Resolving the Blocks In Your Life


“All the problems of the individual and of humanity have to do with a block in and most important, may be resolved by the flow of love/consciousness.”

–Alan Oken (American Spiritual Teacher, Astrologer and Minister of the Church of Religious Science, 1944-)   

“Soul Centered Astrology: A Key to Your Expanding Self” (Alan Oken)

The Web As a Metaphor For Love

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“We have a magnificent metaphor for the presence of love in our midst. Our fabulous technological ingenuity has created a world that is now linked by a pulsating electronic web, a global nervous system which demonstrates in a very concrete way that as a body of humanity we are all beautifully linked together, that we are all incredibly connected… the real challenge now is for us to see that it is love that is truly the web of our connection, that we are all of a piece as human beings and spirits, that we share the same joys and woes, that we partake of the same eternal spiritual destiny.”       

–Daphne Rose Kingma (American Author, Speaker and Expert on Relationships)       

‘A Profound Infusion of Love’ in:

“The Fabric of the Future: Women Visionaries Illuminate the Path to Tomorow” (Patrice Wynne, Ken Wilber)

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