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Dr. Richard G. Petty has compiled a comprehensive reading list to help you locate the “best of the best” information available on topics related to Creating Health from the Inside Out.

This is more than just a couple of books picked at random and thrown on a webpage. No, this is the culmination of countless hours of research and reading on Dr. Petty’s part to find the best resources possible to help you.

And now, Dr. Petty is sharing his findings with you.

Click the links below for our recommended reading lists related to:

Once you have finished with Dr. Richard Petty’s recommended readings, check out his Resource Center.

There are innumerable resources and websites available that support the principles and concepts in Healing, Meaning, and Purpose. It could take you weeks to find it all.

In fact, it would take you weeks. Fortunately, Dr. Richard Petty has already done the work for you.

In our Resource Center, there are hundreds of valuable web resources to assist you. Dr. Petty has applied his expertise to screen them out and show you only the “best of the best.”

They are broken into categories, including:

If you need further assistance or information, please let us know.

NOTE: We provide these resources for informational purposes only. We are not affiliated with these providers, nor are we responsible for their recommendations or content. Neither Richard G. Petty, M.D. nor Richard George Petty, Inc. can guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or reliability of the information and services of the sources to which you find links on this website.

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