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The Inner Game: Taking Control of Your Life
From Your Cells to Your Soul

This world-renowned physician turns “Hot science into a Cool life,” unlocking the cutting edge research that shows you how to create a dynamic inner harmony

Show/Story Ideas:

Understanding and integrating medical and scientific breakthroughs into our lives: this can be a regular or recurring feature and also a rapid response to topical items.

Some examples:

  1. How the Queen of England helped discover some amazing secrets of healthy aging, and how you can
    apply them in your own life, whether you are nineteen or ninety

  2. Why it takes more than a diet! The ultimate and proven whole-person solution to weight problems: and it is not a fad diet, expensive supplement or new exercise plan

  3. We are the most touch deprived culture in history and it is hurting us terribly. Learn how touch shapes the lives of babies, children, adults and the elderly

  4. Touch, time and attention: the keys to restoring personal intimacy and emotional wellbeing

  5. Dispelling the ten medical myths that could cost you

Recent research has shown that 97% of Americans are living an unhealthy lifestyle: not just eating badly, exercising too little and making bad choices, but we are also failing to renew, refresh and replenish ourselves.

Tens of millions more suffer from the effects of stress, addictions or a feeling of emptiness. And over 30 million Americans tell us that they are hungry for a rewarding spiritual life and sense of inner peace.

Happily there is a revolutionary new solution.

DR PettyMeet Dr.Richard Petty, a biochemist, endocrinologist, neurologist, psychiatrist and advisor to the Prince of Wales’Foundation for Integrated Health. For over 35 years he has worked with thousands of experts throughout the world to create a scientifically credible blend of the best of modern medicine with traditional and natural methods of healing to create a culture of health and well-being.

Dr Petty’s work is a stunning synthesis that gives voice to a massive global effort by countless experts, including Nobel Prize winning scientists, spiritual leaders and intuitives. Instead of replacing other systems of health care, Integrated Health builds on and enhances existing systems and practices to coordinate mind, body and spirit, with extraordinary results.

Dr.Richard G. Petty is the author of Healing, Meaning and Purpose: The Magical Power of the Emerging Laws of Life and he has presented his work in person to more than a quarter of a million people in 45 countries.

Dr.Petty’s daily weblog is read and relied upon by thousands of people around the world and in February 2007, BlogBurst rated it #32 in the world in headline impressions.

Journalists on five continents routinely use it as a source of up-to-date and reliable information.

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