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The World Is A Magic Glass

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“Each heart is a world. You find all within yourself that you find without. The world that surrounds you is the magic glass of the world within you.”      

–Johann Kaspar Lavater (Swiss Physiognomist, Theologian and Writer, 1741-1801)

The Path To The Golden Center

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“All types of meditation…lead to the same golden center, for at the mystical level all religions have more in common than they differ, and all derive from the same source and long for the same goal.”     

–Sophy Burnham (American Writer and Speaker, 1936-)     


“The Ecstatic Journey – The Transforming Power of Mystical Experiences” (Sophy Burnham)

Feeling Part of Everything


“One day when I was sitting quiet and feeling like a motherless child, which I was, it came to me: that feeling of being part of everything, not separate at all….I knew that if I cut a tree, my arm would bleed.”          

–Alice Walker (African-American Writer, 1944-)      

The Color Purple: In Spiritual Literacy, Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life

Mystic Awareness


“As gradually and naturally as the embryo of physical life emerges into the physical world, the germ of real life which is latent in human personality takes form and develops to the mystic climax of perfect participation in the Eternal World.”     

–Evelyn Underhill (English Mystic, Poet, Writer and Spiritual Counselor, 1875-1941)   

“The Mystic Way: The Role of Mysticism in the Christian Life” (Evelyn Underhill)

Mystical Consciousness Gives Us A Way Out

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“Without a belief in, and the radical cultivation of, mystical consciousness and the insights into the interconnectedness of all reality in sacred joy and sacred love that it alone can bring, we will not be able to develop the necessary awareness to help us solve the terrible problems that threaten our lives and the very life of the planet.”

–Andrew Harvey (Indian-born English Philosopher, 1952-)

“The Essential Gay Mystics” (Andrew Harvey)

The Mystic View

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To anyone trained in conventional science, the mystic view of the world usually seems to be nothing more than flowery poetry. But to anyone who has actually experienced it, it is more “Real” than anything that you can learn from a textbook. It is simply a different way of knowing, and it can be as useful and practical as the objective methods of inquiry. And far more meaningful to the individual!

“Every tree and plant and mole beneath the earth may hear the Voice of God and, hearing it, obey. Every sound you hear on earth is an echo of His Voice, and every light in every color comes from the dazzling radiance of His Eyes.”

–Geoffrey Hodson (English-born New Zealand Theosophist, Mystic, Teacher and Author, 1886-1983)

“Brotherhood of Angels and of Men” (Geoffrey Hodson)

We Are Parts of a Whole

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“We are parts of a whole, and the whole must draw us as soon as we open our doors: this is grace working upon and within us.”

–Arthur Edward Waite (American-born English Scholar, Mystic and Esotericist, 1857-1942)

“Lamps of Western Mysticism” (Arthur Edward Waite)

Recognizing the World As Sacred


“As the heightening of mental life reveals to the intellect deeper and deeper levels of reality, so with that movement towards enhancement of the life of spirit…. the world assumes not the character of illusion but the character of sacrament; and spirit finds Spirit in the lilies of the field, no less than in the Unknowable Abyss.”         

–Evelyn Underhill (English Mystic, Poet, Writer and Spiritual Counselor, 1875-1941)

The Mystic Way – A Psychological Study in Christian Origins  

Timeless Awareness

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“The ground in which the multifarious and time-bound psyche is rooted is a simple, timeless awareness. By making ourselves pure in heart and poor in spirit we can discover and be identified with this awareness. In the spirit we not only have, but are, the unitive knowledge of the divine Ground.”

–Aldous Huxley (English Novelist and Critic, 1894-1963)

“The Perennial Philosophy: An Interpretation of the Great Mystics, East and West (P.S.)” (Aldous Huxley)

Insights of a Mystic

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“Remember that the Spirit of God permeates His glorious system, that His Life is in the leaves of the trees as well as in the hearts of human beings.”     

–Flower A. Newhouse (American Christian Mystic and Spiritual Teacher, 1909-1994)   

“Rediscovering the Angels and Natives of Eternity” (Flower A. Newhouse)

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