Richard G. Petty, MD

Every SIngle Action Affects Us All

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“Everyone in the world is affected by every individual action.”        

–Felix Layton (English-born American Theosophist, 1910-1991)

“Karma: Rhythmic Return to Harmony” (Quest Books)

Your Life Is Part of Something Grand and Joyous

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“Despite the trials and frustrations of the passing day, our lives are parts of something tremendously grand and joyous.”

–Robert Ellwood (American Theosophist, Priest and Author, 1933-)



“All things are located everywhere. Everything is all, and all is each thing; infinite splendor is radiated around. Everything is great, for even the small is great.”

–Plotinus (Egyptian-born Roman Philosopher and Founder of Neo-Platonism, A.D.205-270)

“Basic Theosophy” (Hodson)


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“The geometry of the archetypes and the Universal Mind are evident in the principles of symmetry which pervade nature and art. Symmetry shows us a glimpse of the ideal beauty which is reflected in nature, infusing it with order. Symmetry is universal; it can be found everywhere as the broad principle of balance and harmony.”          

–Shirley J. Nicholson (American Teacher, Theosophist, Author, Former Chief Editor of Quest Books and Resident Head of the Krotona Community)   

“Ancient Wisdom – Modern Insight (Quest Books)” (Shirley J. Nicholson)

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