Richard G. Petty, MD

Insights of Sages and Masters


“That sages, widely separated geographically and with diverse environments and temperaments, should arrive at the same general conclusions attests the accuracy of their findings.”   

–Manly P. Hall (American Theosophist, Freemason, Writer and Lecturer, 1901-1990)                                             

“Lectures on Ancient Philosophy” (Manly P. Hall)

Primal Revelation

Georg Kuhlewind.jpg

“The Creator…in pointing with the word, he shows himself, and is revealed. This is the primal revelation, creation itself.”

–Georg Kühlewind (Hungarian Philosopher, Writer, Lecturer, and Meditation Teacher, 1924-2006)   

{‘Becoming Aware of the Logos’ The Imagination of Pentecost: Rudolf Steiner & Contemporary Spirituality Richard Leviton}   

“Imagination of Pentecost” (Richard Leviton)  

How to Heal the Big Problems


“The broad sympathies and discerning insight needed for the healing of earthly woes cannot flow from a mere intellectual consideration of human diversities, but from knowledge of men’s deepest unity – kinship with God.”    

–Paramahansa Yogananda (Indian Spiritual Teacher and, in 1920, Founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship, 1893-1952)   

“Autobiography of a Yogi” (Paramahansa Yogananda)

The Moment of Insight

Rupert Sheldrake2.jpg

“At the moment of insight, a potential pattern of organized behavior comes into being.”

–Rupert Sheldrake (English Biologist, Researcher and Author, 1942-)   

A Dangerous Luxury

Marshall mcluhan.jpg

I get really concerned about a lot of the discussions on websites. Particularly when they have something to do with health and wellness: things that really matter a lot. There’s a lot more to helping people than quoting some facts and statistics, and a personal anecdote or two.

Here’s something written over three decades ago, and is even more true today:

“A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.”        

–Herbert Marshall McLuhan (Canadian Communications Theorist and Educator, 1911-1980)   

A Sense of Proportion

Eric Hoffer.jpg

“Without a sense of proportion there can be neither good taste nor genuine intelligence, nor perhaps moral integrity.”      

–Eric Hoffer (American Longshoreman, Writer and Philosopher, 1902-1983)       

“The Passionate State of Mind: And Other Aphorisms” (Eric Hoffer)  

Spiritual Insights

Rudolf Steiner 3.jpg

“The cognitive insights of a person who has [spiritual] vision can provide healthy food for all. All of us can apply these insights to our lives; and if we do so, we shall soon realize the possibilities of life in every area.”

–Rudolf Steiner (Croatian-born Austrian Mystic, Occultist, Social Philosopher, Architect and Founder of Anthroposophy, 1861-1925)

“How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation (Classics in Anthroposophy)” (Rudolf Steiner, Christopher Bamford)

Knowing What You Know

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.jpg

“The best part of our knowledge is that which teaches us where knowledge leaves off and ignorance begins.”       

–Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (American Physician, Writer, Poet and Speaker, 1809-1894)   

An Ocean of Knowledge

WIlliam Quan Judge.jpg

“Theosophy is that ocean of knowledge which spreads from shore to shore of the evolution of sentient beings; unfathomable in its deepest parts, it gives the greatest minds their fullest scope, yet, shallow enough at its shores, it will not overwhelm the understanding of a child.”     

–William Q. Judge (Irish-born American Lawyer, Mystic, Esotericist, Writer and one of the Founders of the Theosophical Society, 1851-1896)   

“The Ocean of Theosophy” (William Q. Judge)

The Fruits of Enlightenment

Yrjö Kallinen .jpg

“Enlightenment – the awakening of insight that happens in yourself and is independent of others – makes it possible to create an everlasting world of beauty and harmony, the home of nirvana.”  

–Yrjö Kallinen (Finnish Educator, Politician and Pacifist 1886-1976)   

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