Richard G. Petty, MD

The Pattern of Life

R. F. Delderfield .jpg

“It was curious how life seemed to weave a pattern that was not in the least haphazard, as it so often seemed to be.”          

–R. F. Delderfield (English Novelist and Dramatist, 1912-1972)      

“To Serve Them All My Days” (R. Delderfield)

The Spirit That Binds

Barbara Marx Hubbard.jpg

“When the social body comes together as a whole, it is Spirit that binds the parts, the same Spirit that synthesized the metals and minerals in our Earth, that organizes the cells in our bodies into stupendous communities of trillions of cells.”

–Barbara Marx Hubbard (American Futurist, Public Speaker and Writer, 1929-)   

“New Thought for a New Millennium: Twelve Powers for the 21st Century” (Unity Books (Unity School of Christianity))

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