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Creation Unfolding

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“What moves thoughts through the mind is precisely what moves the clouds across the sky. All are a part of the same continuum of creation unfolding.”           

–Stephen Levine (American Poet, Writer and Spiritual Teacher Best Known for His Work on Grief, Death and Dying, 1937-)      

“Turning Toward the Mystery: A Seeker’s Journey” (Stephen Levine)   

Unity of the Energent Mind

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“Indeed, as proclaimed by all great religious convictions, a unity characterizes this emergent mind and the basic order of the universe.”    

–Karl Pribram (Austrian-born American Neuroscientist, 1919-)   

Thoughts From Our Collective Mind


“Each theory may have evolved from a unique angle of analysis, but ultimately our theories form from – and refer to – a sort of unified, collective mind.”

–Todd Siler (American Visual Artist, Educator, Inventor and Author, 1953-)

“Breaking the Mind Barrier” (Todd Siler)   

The Mind Builds the Body

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“It is the mind that builds up the body strong and shiny or wastes it to skin and bone. Mind has to be developed to savor the good and the godly, not for money and material gains.”   

–Sathya Sai Baba (Indian Spiritual Teacher, c.1926-2011)

Mind and Intelligence

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“Mind and intelligence are woven into the fabric of our universe in a way that altogether surpasses our understanding.”

–Freeman Dyson (

English-born American Physicist and Mathematician, 1923-)

Mind and Body


“A wrong functioning of the psyche can do much to injure the body, just as conversely a bodily illness can affect the psyche; for psyche and body are not separate entities, but one and the same life.”

–Carl G. Jung (Swiss Psychologist and Psychiatrist, 1875-1961)

“On the Psychology of the Unconscious” pp.194 Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. Collected Works 7

“Two Essays on Analytical Psychology (Collected Works of C.G. Jung Vol.7)” (C. G. Jung)


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If I were exiled to a desert island and only allowed to take a dozen books with me, one of them would be the Vivekachudamani or “Crest Jewel of Wisdom” by Adi Shankara.

“The Intelligence, together with the powers of intelligence, makes the intelligence-formed vesture, whose distinguishing character is actorship; it is the cause of man’s circle of birth and death.The power which is a reflected beam of pure Consciousness, called the understanding, is a mode of abstract Nature; it possesses wisdom and creative power; it thereby focuses the idea of “I” in the body and its powers.”

–Shankara (a.k.a. Adi Shankaracharya, Indian Sage, Spiritual Teacher and Author of the Crest-Jewel of Discrimination, Dates Uncertain, but c.A.D. 686-718 or 788-821)

Various translations are available online, and I particularly like this book version. (Yes, I know, it’s made of paper, but sometimes I prefer that to bouncing photons):

“Shankara’s Crest Jewel of Discrimination” (Swami Prabhavananda, Christopher Isherwood)

Universal Mind


“The universe is as inseparable from the universal mind as man’s ideas are inseparable from his own mind. When we know fully by insight the essence of the tiniest ant, we know also the essence of the whole universe.”

–Paul Brunton (a.k.a. Raphael Hurst, English Philosopher, Traveler, Spiritual Teacher and Author, 1898-1981)   

“The Wisdom Of The Overself” (Paul Brunton)

The Emergent Mind


“Indeed, as proclaimed by all great religious convictions, a unity characterizes this emergent mind and the basic order of the universe.”

–Karl Pribram (Austrian-born American Neuroscientist, 1919-)

“Ancient Wisdom – Modern Insight (Quest Books)” (Shirley J. Nicholson)

Expressing the Divine Mind

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“The world is the thought of God, the expression of the Divine Mind.”

–Annie Besant (English Social Reformer, Fabian, Theosophist and Leader in the Movement for Indian Independence, 1847-1933)   

“The Spiritual Life” (Annie Besant)

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