Richard G. Petty, MD

The Edges of Science

The scientific world is undergoing some extraordinary changes.

Unfortunately some popular books and websites fail to tackle the hard problems:

How can apparently inanimate matter give rise to consciousness?

How can the findings and theories of quantum mechanics be squared with the phenomena of the everyday observable universe?

People sometimes do not realize that this remains a huge problem: many of the events in the quantum world seem no longer to apply at the kinds of temperatures found in our bodies. Yet countless writers ignore that uncomfortable fact and would have us believe that the whole issue is cut and dried: the theories of quantum mechanics really do apply in the day-to-day world, but some of us have failed to notice! You can find a discussion about this problem here.

Here is another one: how can non-invasive and/or non-local and/or spiritual healing interact with, and have an effect upon the physical body?

Happily there are some ingenious attempts to answer some of these questions:

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