Richard G. Petty, MD

Empty Yourself and Let the Divine Come Through

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“Unite yourself to the cosmos, and the thought of transcendence will disappear. Transcendence belongs to the profane world. When all trace of transcendence vanishes, the true person the Divine Being is manifest. Empty yourself and let the Divine function.”

–Morihei Ueshiba (Japanese Martial Artist and Founder of Aikido, 1883-1969)      

“The Art of Peace” (Morihei Ueshiba)

Opening the Door

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“Anyone of any tribe or nation or language who in any sincere way turns to a Great Spirit, calling Him God or Allah or Life of whatever else he will, opens a door that God may enter his conscious mind and answer his prayers according to his faith.”           

–Agnes Sanford (American Charismatic Christian Healer, teacher and Writer, 1897-1982)  

“Behold Your God” (Agnes Sanford)   

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