Richard G. Petty, MD

Commonsense Ain’t So Common!

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“A man may have intelligence enough to excel in a particular thing and lecture on it, and yet not have sense enough to know he ought to be silent on some other subject of which he has but a slight knowledge; if such an illustrious man ventures beyond the bounds of his capacity, he loses his way and talks like a fool.”           

–Jean de la Bruyère (French Essayist and Moralist, 1645-1696)

God’s Activity

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“God’s activity runs through the entire universe. It wells up around and penetrates every created being. Wherever they are, it is there also. It runs ahead of them, it stays with them, and it follows after them.”

–Jean-Pierre de Caussade (French Jesuit Priest and Author, 1675-1751)      

“Teachings of the Christian Mystics” (Shambhala)

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