Richard G. Petty, MD

Collective Wisdom

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“Between four and six thousand years ago the ancient peoples in Europe built stone circles and decorated them with interlocking scroll loops. Similar motifs appear all over the world. The psychologist Carl Jung said such images are archetypes or universal structures in the collective unconscious of humankind. Could such a collective wisdom perhaps be expressing its intuitions of the wholeness within nature, the order and simplicity, chance and predictability that lie in the interlocking and unfolding of things?”

–John Briggs (American Distinguished Professor and Co-Chair of the Department of English Language, Comparative Literature, and Writing at Western Connecticut State University) and F. David Peat (English Physicist, Author and Director of the Pari Center for New Learning, 1938-)   

“Turbulent Mirror: An Illustrated Guide to Chaos Theory and the Science of Wholeness” (John Briggs)

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