Richard G. Petty, MD

Working With Light

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This is a simple but profound exercise that can change your life very rapidly:

“Try to acquire the taste for working with the light: not just with sunlight but also with this invisible light that imbues all of creation, for only the light can re-establish order in you, can make all your cells vibrate in harmony and restore your health. It is light that possesses the greatest powers on the physical plane, just as on the psychic plane. It’s not perhaps the fastest method, but its effects are permanent.

Think of the light more than you think of anything else in your life, for the extreme subtlety of its vibrations takes us closer to the world of the spirit. For at least a few minutes each day, think only of light and nothing else. It will be like a beam of pure particles passing through you. This beam will become so powerful it will touch all creatures on earth and awaken their divine nature.”

–Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (Bulgarian Spiritual Master, 1900-1986)   

Working On Yourself. And Your Legacy

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“Even if no one appreciates the efforts you make to perfect yourself, don’t let that discourage you; you are making these efforts for yourself, not for other people. You will keep all the spiritual riches you are now amassing when you come back to earth. In what form? In the form of more favorable conditions, which heaven will give you for your spiritual development. If you see you are still not able to acquire a particular quality, or conquer a particular fault, or overcome a bad habit, tell yourself frankly, ‘It’s because I didn’t make the efforts I should have in the past, and now everything is difficult.’ That’s what you must tell yourself, and then you must get to work at once. Yes, even if you only have a year to live, a single year, you should make a start, for in that short time considerable changes would take place.”        

–Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (Bulgarian Spiritual Master, 1900-1986)   

A Candle or a Fire?

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“When you light a candle, the slightest breeze can extinguish its tiny flame. But if you light a brazier, the most violent winds will only fuel it.

And what about you? If you are only a tiny flame, the slightest breeze will blow you out. But if you are a brazier, the stronger the wind blows, the stronger your fire will grow.

Yes, if you are small, frail and sickly, if you are not yet strong, the slightest challenge can flatten you. But if you are sturdy and resilient, all difficulties will only increase your dynamism, your willpower and your love.

How often we have seen this! When the weak are the slightest bit contradicted or challenged, they become discouraged, give up and give in, while the strong are inspired and become even more determined to carry on and brave all obstacles.

Well now, don’t ask me which of these you are. You can find this out for yourself: if the least difficulty in life brings you to a halt, you are still only a candle flame.”

–Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (Bulgarian Spiritual Master, 1900-1986)

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