Richard G. Petty, MD

Responsibility for Our Environment


“Every human should have the idea of taking care of the environment, of nature, of water. So using too much or wasting water should have some kind of feeling or sense of concern. Some sort of responsibility and with that, a sense of discipline.”          

–The 14th Dalai Lama 
(a.k.a. Tenzin Gyatso, Tibetan Religious and Political Leader, 1935-)   

Quoted in:

“Water: The Drop of Life (A Companion to the Public Television Series)” (Peter Swanson)


Wendell Berry.jpg

“And having thoughtlessly polluted our streams and rivers, we have seen in recent years a rapidly growing market for bottled drinking water. I am sure that some will say that a rapidly growing market for water is “good for the economy,” and most of us are still affluent enough to pay the cost. Nevertheless, it is a considerable cost that we are now paying for drinkable water, which we once had in plentiful supply at little cost or none at all. And the increasing of the cost suggests that the time may come when the cost will be unaffordable.”          

–Wendell Berry (American Poet, Novelist and Essayist, 1934-)      

{Commencement Address, Lindsey Wilson College, 
14 May 2005}   

The Poetry of the Sea

Rachel Carson.jpg

“If there is poetry in my book about the sea, it is not because I deliberately put it there, but because no one could write truthfully about the sea and leave out the poetry.”         

–Rachel Carson (American Biologist and Writer, 1907-1964)          

(While accepting the National Book Award for The Sea Around Us in 1952)   

“The Sea around Us” (Rachel L. Carson)

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