Richard G. Petty, MD

Gifts From The Source

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“Whatever the Source is, however it is named or imagined, the truth is the same: Our gifts are donated from that originating point. Each interpretive system of spiritual and mystical culture understands this. The crucial point in life is to use these gifts wisely: not to squander them, but to commit them to the benefit of the whole community of life.”

–Wayne Teasdale (American Catholic Monk and Proponent of Interfaith Dialogue, 1945-2004)   

“The Mystic Hours: A Daybook of Inspirational Wisdom and Devotion” (Wayne Teasdale)

Light Is the Source

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“We respond to Light so naturally because Light is the source. Light is the Universal Mother. It feeds our body. It feeds our mind. It feeds our soul.”   

–Henryk Skolimowski (Polish-born Philosopher, Writer and Poet, 1930-)   

Access to the Source

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“He who has access to the fountain does not go to the water-pot.”   

–Leonardo da Vinci (Italian Artist and Scientist, 1452-1519)

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