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God’s Temple

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“Your body is the temple of your soul. Your soul is God’s temple.”           

–Baba Hari Das (Indian-born Yogin and Silent Spiritual Teacher, 1923-)   

What Is The Other?


“What is the Other?” they ask.

“The Other is the one who taught me what I should be like, but not what I am.”

“The Other believes that it is our obligation to spend our entire life thinking about how to get our hands on as much money a possible so that we will not die of hunger when we are old. So we think so much about money and our plans for acquiring it that we discover we are alive only when our days on earth are practically done. And then it’s too late.”

And you? Who are you?” I am just like everyone else who listens to their heart: a person who is enchanted by the mystery of life. Who is open to miracles, who experiences joy and enthusiasm for what they do. It’s just that the Other, afraid of disappointment, kept me from taking action.”

“But there is suffering in life,” one of the listeners said. “

And there are defeats. No one can avoid them. But it’s better to lose some of the battles in the struggle for your dreams than to be defeated without ever even knowing what you’re fighting for.” That’s it?” another listener asked.

“Yes, that’s it. When I learned this, I resolved to become the person I had always wanted to be. The Other stood there in the corner of my room, watching me, but I will never let the Other into myself again—-even though it has already tried to frighten me, warning me that it’s risky not to think about the future. From the moment that I ousted the Other from my life, the Divine Energy began to perform its miracles.”         

–Paulo Coelho (Brazilian Writer, 1947-)                                           

“By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept: A Novel of Forgiveness” (Paulo Coelho)   

The Eternal Witness


“Whatever that be which thinks, which understands, which wills, which acts, it is something celestial and divine and on that account must necessarily be eternal.”           

–Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman Political Figure and Orator, c.106-43 B.C.)   

The Living Earth


“The earth is not a dead body, but is inhabited by a spirit that is its life and soul. All created things, minerals included, draw their strength from the earth spirit. This spirit is life.”      

–Basilius Valentinus (a.k.a. Basil Valentine, German 15th Century Alchemist and Canon of the Benedictine Priory of Sankt Peter in Erfurt, Germany)   

“The Way of the Earth: Encounters With Nature in Ancient and Contemporary Thought” (T. C. McLuhan)

The Mother of the Divine

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“The soul is the mother of the Divine. Unconsciously it leads man to the Divine, with the inevitability of a natural force.”   

–Rudolf Steiner (Croatian-born Austrian Mystic, Occultist, Social Philosopher, Architect and Founder of Anthroposophy, 1861-1925)   

“The Essential Rudolf Steiner” (Rudolf Steiner)

The Inner Garment of the Soul


“Honor is the inner garment of the Soul; the first thing put on by it with the flesh, and the last it layeth down at its separation from it.”     

–Akhenaton (Egyptian King who rejected the old gods and initiated the monotheist worship of the Sun God Aton, c.1375-c.1358 B.C.)

The Purpose of the Soul

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“The soul belongs properly to higher and purer spheres. It incarnates for the purpose of acquiring experience in the density of earth matter – a necessary educational phase in its development. Such incarnation, of course, entails drastic limitation of a free spiritual being. Birth into a body is, in fact, more like entry into a species of tomb.”         

–Sir George Trevelyan (English Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Founder of the Wrekin Trust, 1906-1996)   

“A Vision of the Aquarian Age” (George Trevelyan)

Meditate on a Flower

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“We are in the habit of thinking of clothing as something we use to cover ourselves, but in fact there is much more to the matter.

It can be said that the physical body is the clothing of the soul and spirit, that words are the clothing of thought, and so on. Feelings, thoughts and forces have clothes, as do all creatures visible and invisible.

A flower, for example, is a garment in which an entity hides. This is why you must meditate on flowers, on their form, color and fragrance, so that you understand the nature of the beings who wear such clothing.

And it is not only on flowers that you must meditate, but on everything that exists in the different kingdoms of nature: mineral, vegetable, animal and human. A crystal, a diamond, a precious stone – each is a form of clothing, a body in which a spiritual entity has incarnated in order to reveal itself.”

–Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (Bulgarian Spiritual Master, 1900-1986)   

How Should Water Know?

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You have a purpose: or rather tow of them that are interlinked. One is your personal purpose, and the other your Higher Purpose. An important part of attaining your Innate Freedom is to find and realize them. Yet many of us have no idea that they even exist!

“And how should a beautiful, ignorant stream of water know it heads for an early release – out across the desert, running toward the Gulf, below sea level, to murmur its lullaby, and see the Imperial Valley rise out of burning sand with cotton blossoms, wheat, watermelons, roses, how should it know?”  

–Carl Sandburg

 (American Writer and Poet, 1878-1967)

“Good Morning America” (Carl Sandburg)

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