Richard G. Petty, MD

God’s Secret Stairway

William Barclay.jpg

“There is a well-known saying which tells us very truly and very beautifully that ‘God has His own secret stairway into every heart.’”      

–William Barclay (Scottish Theologian, Religious Writer and Broadcaster, 1907-1978)                                          

“The Letter to the Hebrews (New Daily Study Bible)” (William Barclay)   

Divine Immanence

A.E. Waite.jpg

“The grace behind Nature is Divine Immanence, and we know that it flows in through all channels; it stands at the door and knocks; it is with us all days.”           

–Arthur Edward Waite (American-born English Scholar, Mystic and Esotericist, 1857-1942)

“Lamps of Western Mysticism” (Arthur Edward Waite)
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