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New Causes for Hope in Psychotic Illnesses

Since many health care providers read this blog, I try to update everyone on promising new treatments that can be used to provide a comprehensive care plan for people.

I have talked before about some new medicines for the treatment of schizophrenic illnesses, and yet more are coming down the road.

There is a short article with quite a number of links here.

"I would like to quote something from the article that is very important for all of us:
It is very interesting that most experts are now focusing on medicines that will make it easier for us to undertake psychosocial rehabilitation, rather than simply relying on a medicine to "cure" the illness.

The most important message from all this research is that the future looks promising for many of our sickest patients."

Medicines designed to help and support, not to sedate or damp down the mind’s activity, but to enable a person to take back control of themselves, their thinking and theior emotions.

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