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I have had a number of kind comments about my brief piece concerning the revolution in open access to information.

Few people have yet realized the impact that it will have on our lives.

I am most honored to have just received this note from Peter Suber:

Hi Richard: PLoS is part of a larger movement for open access to
peer-reviewed research literature, and a lot has happened since PLoS
was launched in 2001. For details, see my Timeline [ ], and for daily updates see my blog, Open Access News [ ].

I have had a good look at Peter’s material, and I have also subscribed to his blog, so it will now appear on the left-hand side of this blog under
“What I’m reading,” so you can access his writings without having to dart all over the place.

The entire open access movement encompasses a great deal more than just scientific and medical research, and is all precisely aligned with my aim of achieving greater personal empowerment, so that you can take control of your life, your health, your future and the legacy that you leave behind.

Several correspondents have agreed with my point, that the next imperative is to teach people how to use this information.

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