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Multiple Sclerosis and Stem Cells

If you have been reading my recent posts about multiple sclerosis (MS), you may be interested in an useful resource from the New York Academy of Sciences.

I have the privilege of being a member of the Academy and I’ve been impressed by its increasing efforts to educate the general public. There are regular "eBriefings" that are well written and succinct.

This one on stem cells and MS is timely and encouraging. It is also a good jumping off point if you want to follow up on some of the issues.

The existence of stem cells in the central nervous system has already raised some intriguing possibilities for treatments based on activating and directing them in the brain. The second idea, of dismantling the diseases immune system and replacing it with a new clean one, is not science fiction but part of a concerted effort to reprogram the body.

This is precisley the kind of approach that we advocate when we use "Information Medicine," designed to correct faulty information that produces faulty DNA and ultimately faulty proteins and organs.

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