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The New Medicine

I’d like to tell you about a very nice website that is associated with the PBS program The New Medicine. There is a companion book and DVDs.

After three decades spent developing Integrated Medicine, I’ve always been impressed by the numbers of people in high places who readily embraced the principles. It’s often seemed to me that the people with the best minds have no problem with new ideas. It’s usually seemed to be the slightly less gifted who are intimidated by change. I’ve commented before about the help that Integrated Medicine received in the UK from the Prince of Wales. And there were many others in the media and in the professions who were willing to see what we had to say, and to test our new programs. Inevitably, there will always be people who try to tear down anything new, but it is gratifying to see the progress that we have made, and this new program, book and website are proof of that.

I have no personal connection with the program, but I would strongly suggest that you have a look at it.

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