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English Cows Have "Regional Accents"

I once knew a man from the county of Yorkshire who could identify whereabouts in the county a fellow Yorkshireman came from: he was usually able to pinpoint people within eight miles of the place where they were raised.

I’ve never had quite that facility, but it still surprises American friends that I can tell them almost exactly which part of England someone has come from. And I’m not bad with most European accents.

Now if a report from the BBC is to be believed, English cows have regional accents. Picked up, perhaps, by spending a great deal of time with their humans. Listen to the audio and see what you think.

Birds pick up local variations in their songs, and our two Irish horses certainly seem to have different "accents" from their American-born bretheren.

Is this human projection or animal learning?

I’m pretty sure that it’s the latter.

What more do we need to learn about the abilities of animals before we realize that they are very far from being "dumb???"

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