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Apple Computers

I make no bones about it; I’m a Mac guy. Always have been, and probably always will be.

I don’t have any stock in the company, but I think that I’m on about my ninth or tenth Apple computer. Every time that I have to scuttle off to use a Window’s based machine I start getting antsy.

Apple has just had their Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

As a scientist and clinician very concerned about the epidemic of attentional and mood disorders in the population, something caught my eye. During Steve Jobs’ keynote preview, in which he highlighted some of the key features of the new Mac OS X “Leopard” operating system, there was more and more emphasis on developments designed to reduce the frustrations of working with a computer and ways to deal with the ever-increasing number of demands on our attention. There were a dozen new gizmos all designed to simplify and streamline our interactions with our computers, email and our Internet experience.

I don’t know whether this is the fruit of market research, or just a natural reaction by computer developers who are feeling themselves overwhelmed by a constant barrage on information. But whichever it is, I’m delighted to see this very welcome development.

Note to self, maybe I should send this note to Steve Jobs and say a big "thank you" on behalf of millons of users.

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Dr. Richard G. Petty, MD is a world-renowned authority on the brain, and his revolutionary work on human energy systems has been acclaimed around the globe. He is also an accredited specialist in internal and metabolic medicine, endocrinology, psychiatry, acupuncture and homeopathy. He has been an innovator and leader of the human potential movement for over thirty years and is also an active researcher, teacher, writer, professional speaker and broadcaster. He is the author of five books, including the groundbreaking and best selling CD series Healing, Meaning and Purpose. He has taught in over 45 countries and 48 states in the last ten years, but spends as much time as possible on his horse farm in Georgia.


3 Responses to “Apple Computers”
  1. Les Posen says:

    Nice commentary, and observations of the direction Apple is heading with Leopard.

    Saw it too, and blogged about it in the days after, when others yawned at what they saw in the Leopard preview. Looking in the wrong places.

    Here’s my link <

  2. Mike Kaufmann says:

    So have I! From and Apple II upgraded to a Plus! But my most memorable moment was seeing a 520C Laptop in a store in Orange County with a film clip of Terminator II playing (boots, clothes, and your motorcycle!). I told the salesman I’d buy the computer if he would include the film clip! It took 2 hours to download and he kept the store open to do it. I took it back to my hotel and charged it up and the next morning showed it to my copilot as we were flying to Chicago. He became a lifetime Mac User on the spot! Of course the battery pooped out before the film clip could finish! Great time in the growth of Apple!

  3. Richard Petty says:


    I don’t think that Windows users have a clue what they’re missing!

    Kind regards,


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