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Airport Security and That Liquid Explosive

Well, your humble reporter was in New York on Thursday and became a statistic: one of the people held up for hours after the arrests in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. I mused that it was not aiport security that foiled the plot, but some very good detective work.

I’m not usually the most patient of people, but I grew up in Europe during the years that multiple groups of terrorists considered us to be fair game, so I’m used to this kind of thing.  On 9/11/01, I happened to be lecturing in New Jersey, got trapped after the airline system was closed down, and ultimately took one of the very first commercial flights in the country once the airports were re-opened.

It was not machismo, but an understanding that if we give in to terror, we have lost.  Turned out to be a good thing that I was on the flight: three people had panic attacks outside the departure gate, and some of the tapping therapies did them the world of good.

As I spent hours waiting, my thoughts turned to one of my first loves: chemistry. I had some terrific teachers who taught me to really understand science.

Since several had been in the military, we used to have all kinds of discussions about how to make things go bang. An unusual way to learn chemistry. But now I had several hours to see what I could remember: I began to wonder what explosives these could have been?

From the little described in the media, I came up with a short list. A few minutes ago I saw an article on the Scientific American website that seems to have come up with many of the same thoughts that I did. The one that I had not thought of was Astrolite.

This whole thing is such a sad development, but it just shows the importance of understanding some of the roots of our current global crisis and what we may each be able to do help.

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