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The New Creative Mind

As you will have seen by now, I’m intrigued by creativity for it’s own sake and because it is a fundamental property of sentient systems. Therefore creativity is an innate skill that we all share, but it can be developed to an extraordinary degree.

I’ve come across a very interesting article about what is being called the New Creative Mind. The suggestion is that it is a blend of Analytical, Expressive, Curious and Sensual dimensions that need to be integrated into a thinking process. There’s a pretty accompanying graphic that is not, I think, meant to point to specific regions of the brain. At least I hope not!

Expanding the usual framework of creativity, provides this model with some real merits. Though I think that it needs a little more: creativity is usually spurred by a question, fired by a passion to know the answer, and delivered by the creation of a new dynamic structure that needs both knowledge and skills to manifest it. This applies whether we are trying to construct a scientific model, be more creative in how we develop and maintain a relationship, or create a work of art.

"Creativity is an activity, not a gift.”
–Peter F. Drucker (Austrian-born American Economist and Management Consultant, 1909-2005)

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