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The End of Life As We Know It?

Your humble reporter was discombobulated to read a recent report from E3: the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

It appears that hordes of young men – yes they were virtually all young and male – were far more interested in the electronic games on display than they were in a number of quite attractive young dancers and models who graced the event. Though we have not one iota of interest in the orientation of the assembled company, on statistical grounds alone we would expect that at least some of these young men should be wired to take an interest in presumably intelligent members of the opposite sex. Yet they seemed to prefer playing with their silicon monsters and joysticks.

Perhaps the gamers are all too cerebral to be interested in young models who may be unable to tell a bit from a byte. But in the midst of all the sage commentary about the expanding gaming market and the ready accessibility of computer games to people who have access to not much else in the way of entertainment, our thoughts meandered off in a different direction: we have been wondering if we are here witnessing some form of natural selection at work….

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