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A Mini Experiment

Well we consumed the first of the squash, cooked with onions and walnuts: delicious! And I’ve been a real bore telling everyone about my horticultural adventures.

But there’s another small piece to all this. It’s almost ten years since I became a Reiki Master. The person who performed the final initiation worked in the business world and told me that all the plants in her office leaned toward her desk, rather than the sunlight. Since then I’ve known a number of Reiki practitioners who have told me that they have used it to help the growth of plants.

So I thought that I would try it on the new vegetable garden. But being a good scientist, I just used it on half of the vegetable garden. Look at the picture, and see if you can guess which half of the vegetable plot got the treatment.

You can certainly see that one half has a luxurious growth of corn, beans and squash, and the other half a great deal less.

I’m not going to read too much into this little experiment. Although the whole plot has received identical care, and the pH of the soil is same from one end to the other, there could still be some other factors influencing the growth of half the plants. But it has made me think about doing a more formal experiment. And for now I’m going to do a typical crossover study: I’m going to go out and use reiki on the half of the garden with the less impressive growth and see if we can get some catch-up growth.

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