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Further Evidence for Attention Deficit Disorder

You may think it surprising that I would even raise the question about whether ADD and ADHD exist. But when I was trained in the UK, there was still a lot of skepticism about the diagnosis, and there was the constant question about whether Americans physicians, educators and psychologists were simply using a medical label for an undesirable behavior, rather than it being a separate clinical entity. There are still some people – apart from Tom Cruise(!) – who cling to the notion that ADD is not a scientifically valid illness, despite the fact that treatment can transform lives. I recently received an extraordinary article claiming that there’s no scientific basis to psychiatry. Though written by a someone with a medical degree, I found at least twelve factual errors in the article, before he moved on to tell us how to use some natural methods for treating these non-existent conditions!

I have always been strongly opposed to turning natural life events and individual styles into new illnesses, something about which I shall have more to say on another occasion. But for all the people who claim that ADD does not exist, here is a video which helps prove that it does. To me it is even more convincing, because the work was done at my alma mater in London, and the research arose out of that skepticism.

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