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I thought that title might attract your attention!

But before you think that I am being rude or self-referential, I’m referring to a report from the BBC, about a tiny hamlet in the Yorkshire Dales that does indeed rejoice in the name of Crackpot.

I have previously reported that I am directionally challenged. I am speculating about whether I need a GPS system in my own house. But now I discover that some of the electronic marvels aren’t all that they are, ahem, cracked up to be.

It turns out that a satellite navigation system is directing strangers on to a steep unclassified road that is normally impassable, and boasts a 100 foot drop on one side. Because everyone has assumed that the electronics are infallible, delivery men, sales people and minibus drivers have ignored a sign saying that there is no through road, and have, lemming-like, even opened a five bar gate so that they can continue in the direction indicated by the silicon spy in the sky. Local farmers have not been amused by having to rescue vehicles that have got stuck on the road to Crackpot.

I’m no Luddite, but I think that it may just be safer to use a map and do without these newfangled electronic things. And it’s an interesting example of people trusting technology more than themselves….

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