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Sit and Smell the Roses

“O, my love’s like a red red rose That’s newly sprung in June.”
–Robert Burns (Scottish Poet, 1759-1796)

Just in time for Valentine’s day, comes some research from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, that may have important implications for many people. Researchers discovered that the sensitivity to the smell of roses was greater in people sitting than in those who were lying down.

This is consistent with other research that has found that many of our senses are less acute when we lie down. It is not simply that when we lie down our noses are less exposed to wind drafts carrying odors, it is likely part of a complex series of partial shut downs of the senses that take place as we prepare for sleep.

There are two messages from this research:

1. Most brain imaging studies are done when people are lying down in a scanner, so when we are doing experiments involving the senses, we may need to rethink that, and see if we can re-arrange things so that subjects can be seated.

2. If you are planning on scattering rose petals, or giving someone special a bouquet of roses, perhaps you should wait until they have got out of bed…..

About Richard G. Petty, MD
Dr. Richard G. Petty, MD is a world-renowned authority on the brain, and his revolutionary work on human energy systems has been acclaimed around the globe. He is also an accredited specialist in internal and metabolic medicine, endocrinology, psychiatry, acupuncture and homeopathy. He has been an innovator and leader of the human potential movement for over thirty years and is also an active researcher, teacher, writer, professional speaker and broadcaster. He is the author of five books, including the groundbreaking and best selling CD series Healing, Meaning and Purpose. He has taught in over 45 countries and 48 states in the last ten years, but spends as much time as possible on his horse farm in Georgia.


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  1. Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. says:

    Very well put. I enjoyed your recent post and added your feed to home page. Please keep these coming!

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