Richard G. Petty, MD

Coffee and Sex

These two may seem strange bed fellows(!)

But a study published in November 2005, was picked up by a lot of the news media, and probably lead a lot of people to encourage their wives and girlfriends to have an extra cup of coffee. The reason? Because this study, from Southwestern University had the title “Coffee, Tea and Me: Moderate doses of caffeine affect sexual behavior in female rats.” The research showed that at least in rats, coffee stimulated regions of the brain regulating arousal. It was immediately reported around the world that coffee drinking would raise a woman’s libido.

I don’t know what the report did for sales of coffee, but sadly, once again, the devil is in the details. Not only is human sexuality a lot more complex than it is in rats, but there is also this. In order for an adult woman to get the same amount of caffeine, she would have to drink at least ten large cups of coffee at once.

And coffee is a pretty good diuretic…..

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