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Non-Pharmacological ADHD Treatments

There is a recently launched weblog, BrainWaves, being written by Zach Lynch of Neuroinsights that is becoming a “must read.” He is clearly following my policy of only writing about things that he has checked out himself. There is a terrific article on a new non-pharmacological technology for helping attention deficit disorder (ADD).

For some years I had my doubts about the diagnosis of ADD, and whether it was just a label for behaviors that some people didn’t like. But I am now convinced that it is a real problem, which if left untreated, can cause a lot of avoidable difficulties in life. Medication will not work for everyone, and the side effects can sometimes be troubling, so any new approaches are welcome. In a future entry, I shall review the research on some of the other non-pharmacological and whole-person approaches to treating ADD.

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