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Sense of Purpose

George Bernard Shaw, the famous Nobel Prize-winning Irish Playwright, once said:

"Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself."

Purpose is found throughout Nature.  DNA manifests its purpose when it provides the information to initiate protein synthesis that might ultimately lead to life becoming organized and perpetuating itself.  We manifest purposes when we eat, have children, create art, or establish societies.  But Until we understand that purpose-driven Universal laws are still emerging and until we consciously align with them, our sense of purpose remains personal and we are unlikely to have found a Higher Purpose, or Destiny.

Purpose gives us direction, clarity and power.  Real power healing happens when we are coherent and organized.  Purpose is such an organizing force.  Purpose is not static.  Instead it is a dynamic process that re-emerges every few years as we grow and develop and again during major life transitions.

There is evidence that a sense of purpose is hardwired in the brain.  A complete absence of purpose can be a powerful cause of depression.  Some of us have a strong innate sense of purpose. For others it comes as a result of a life event. Once we have found our purpose, we must take action on it.

What is your purpose?

What are you doing to fulfill your purpose?

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